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Máy điện rung massage Raymax Viter New-7 – Hàng Nhật

VITER VR-7N is designed to quickly produce an effect similar to that of massage by hand.


The air-cooling mechanism allows the VITER VR-7N to be used continuously for a long time.


The handles are detachable, making the VITER VR-7N easy to use and carry.


The level of intensity is selectable between High and Low to suit the body conditions of patients.

While you can massage yourself by using the device, we recommend someone else’s support for more effective treatment. VITER VR-7N can be used for almost all parts of body.

POWER SUPPLY AC 110 V or 220 V 50/60 Hz
HIGH 2,900–3,350 RPM
LOW 1,450–1,700 RPM
DIMENSIONS 325 (W) x 270 (D) x 175 (H) mm
WEIGHT 3.1 kg.

Raymax Viter VR-7N Professional Vibrating Massager – 2 Speeds – 4 Handles – Heavy Duty Massage – Bottom pad measures 9X4 inches – Unit weighs 6 lb 12 oz – Only what is shown in the pics is included – Made in Japan – Operates on Standard 110V Power

Condition – Good to Very Good Condition – Few small marks / stains on plastic housing – Pad is Soft and flexible

Product details
Circulation-type stimulation

The uniquely designed irregular rotation motion gives you the effect of manual massage.

Two-stage switching mechanism for each symptom

Two stages of strength and weakness can be used, so the circulation effect is further


. Adopts a high-performance condenser motor. Forced air cooling mechanism that can be used


This is a specially designed forced air cooling mechanism that enables continuous use for a long time, which is essential for medical care.

Easy-to-use detachable handle

Depending on where you use it, you can detach the handle to massage the entire body by yourself.

Entanglement prevention device

Adopts a unique safety mechanism to prevent hair or clothes from getting caught in the unlikely event that it is

compact. Integrally-molded Integrally

-molded with the necessary weight and durability for a massage effect creates a lean beauty.

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[Raymax] Máy điện rung massage Raymax Viter New-7 – Hàng Nhật
Giá tiền: 13.000.000